Family Law

The family law attorneys at Carson, Clelland and Schreder pride themselves on  providing a strong, effective and skilled representation to you, during a very difficult time.  We work hard to provide you the best results, while keeping the costs to a minimum. Our attorneys provide a personal, hands on representation and are always available to provide immediate response to your needs and questions.  When you hire us to help you with our family law issues, you are not just hiring an attorney, you are gaining an advocate and partner, to help you through the most difficult time in your life.

Family law refers to many family and domestic related issues including, but not limited to, Marriage Dissolution (Divorce) ,  Custody and Parenting Time (visitation),  child support,  spousal maintenance/alimony,  paternity, property division,  orders for protection and  post-decree matters.

Our attorneys can also help you with a variety of other family law matters including:

  • Adoption
  • Step-parent adoption
  • Guardianship/Conservatorship
  • Post decree modifications
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Postnuptial Agreements

Our family law attorneys are ready to help you seek the best results for you and your family to address all of these complex issues.  Contact Us today to schedule a free ½ hour initial consultation. 

Family Law Attorneys:

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Grandparent Visitation/Third Party Custody

Often parents will find themselves in the difficult situations where they know their own children cannot or will not be able to care for their grandchildren properly, or face a situation where one or both parents prevent grandparents from having a relationship with their grandchildren. Minnesota law provides grandparents with the ability to request access to their grandchildren. We have assisted multiple families in establishing a relationship with their grandchildren, and in some cases seeking custody of their grandchildren.

In other cases, an individual may find themselves as the best caretaker available for a minor child. Third party custody is granted to someone other than the biological or legal parents.  We are ready to assist you in all aspects of issues relating to foster parent custody, third party non-relative custody, relative and grandparent custody, access rights.