Child Support

Child Support is the ongoing financial support of children. It is established under a divorce (dissolution of marriage), legal separation or paternity.

Under current Minnesota law, child support guidelines are now based on the gross income of both parents and the parenting time for each regardless of the custody label. The combined income of the parents is referred to as “Parental Income for Child Support” or “PICS.”

Although child support in Minnesota is calculated the use of guidelines, often circumstances exist that may make a guideline award of child support unreasonable or unfair. Many factors should be considered when computing child support using the guidelines including, but not limited to the following:

  • Is a parent under employed or intentionally unemployed?
  • Should potential income be imputed?
  •  What is a self employed  parent’s actual income?
  • Should income be imputed to a stay at home parent?
  • Do the children have special needs that require a deviation from the guideline amounts?

There are also a number of factors to consider when asking the Court to modify a previous child support amount, including:

  • Whether a parent’s increase or decrease in income warrants a modification
  • Has there been a substantial change in circumstances?
  • Does the change make the existing order unreasonable and unfair?

We understand child support obligations are vital to both the custodial parent and to the party obligated to pay the support and we are prepared to assist you to ensure that your financial obligations will be calculated appropriately under Minnesota Law.