Property Division

In almost every single dissolution it is necessary for the parties to face the difficult task of dividing the property they shared and collected during the marriage. We will work with you to  take a creative and realistic approach to the division of your  personal property, real estate and assets.

It is necessary to evaluate the worth of the property, the sentimental value of the property and the client’s need for the property. In Minnesota the Court divides marital property equitably based on a number of factors. The division of property can become complex when parties argue over the value of the property and whether the property is “marital” or “non-marital”.

Non-marital property is property that was owned before a marriage, was inherited during the marriage, gifted during the marriage, gifted by a third party, or was awarded in personal injury case. Non-marital property can include money or investments that have been kept in a separate account or traced to an asset that existed at the time of the dissolution. Determining what is non-marital property can be difficult when that property has changed, grown, or been used to purchase other property. Our experienced family law attorneys will help you in these complex matters, and will also secure experts well known in the field to assist in making evaluations and tracing non-marital assets.