Restitution is the money the judge orders the offender to pay to the victim to compensate the victim for losses related to the crime. Restitution is part of the offender’s sentence or dispositoin and can be ordered in both adult and juvenile cases after the offender is found guilty or pleads guilty. The amount of restitution ordered by the Judge depends on the victim’s crime related expenses and the offender’s ability to pay. For more information about restitution please reivew the Department of Justice Restitution brochure below:

If you would like to make a request for restitution, please complete the Victim Affidavit of Restitution in our Forms, execute in front of a notary and submit it to our offices as quickly as possible. If you need time to gather the necessary information, please be sure to notify us that a restitution request will be forthcoming. The majority of criminal cases are resolved by plea agreement. It is essential that we know there is a restitution request as early as possible in the process to ensure that your request is included in our plea negotiations.

Becky Gaffer
Victim/Witness Coordinator
(763) 231-8847